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1992 Ali started ''Refah'' with a small shop on the Beverwijk Bazaar, then called the Zwarte Markt. The Beverwijkse Bazaar is Europe's largest covered market where you can find absolutely everything. In the beginning, the range mainly consisted of: Office supplies, Islamic and decorative frames and delicious fragrances.

1995 The year that the first Dutch-language Islamic book on the market by publisher Noer. We are still very proud of the fact that we were one of the first. Both shopkeepers and customers were afraid to sell or buy the books. The thoughts were very diverse: ''Is the content correct, how can you sell a book if it is only one. We have continued this with confidence and now have a wonderful assortment with more than 500 Dutch-language books.

1996 Ali saw his chance to move from Hall 33 to Hall 34 right next to the steps of the Mosque. Rightly so, because the range and the mosque goers fit together very well.

2005 the flags went out, because yes yes we went online! In 2005, Ali's son named Isa decided to go online at the age of 13. After his homework, Isa sat behind his PC every evening to work on his webshop. After months of hard work he had it done, he was online and the first orders came in.

2010 Time for a change! The webshop became more and more known to the public and it became busier and busier! Isa decided to switch to a new web store system in order to continue the growth and to provide the service that the customers really deserved (deserve).

2017 The bullet was through the church. The Beverwijk Bazaar had finally decided to transform Hall 34 into a Souk. Beautiful decorative lighting, arches by the shops and a beautiful walkway. This was the opportunity and a great challenge for us to take the next step. The store became bigger and was 5 times the size it was before.

2020 Now 15 years and 3 new webshop systems and an expansion in 2017   we can proudly say that we are 1 of the largest Islamic Bookstores Online and a household name at the Beverwijkse Bazaar. Every year we continue to grow with the range, customers and sales. We are determined to continue this.

Alhamdullilah, we have worked hard and will continue to work hard but we really have to thank you one by one. Thank you, BarakAllahufik!

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